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Stage play by Friedrich Hebbel, adapted by Malcolm Edwards from a translation by Sarah Somekh. Gate Theatre, Notting Hill, 25 April to 19 May, 1990. Directed by Malcolm Edwards.

Cast: Robert Jezek (Anton), Marie Stillin (Anton's wife), Laura Eddy (Klara), David Beeler (Karl), Robert Bowman (Leonard), Alexis Denisof (The Attorney), Ciaran McIntyre (Wolfram, Adam), David Melvil (Second Bailiff, Boy).


  • Evening Standard, April 30, 1990, by Melanie McDonagh. (text).

  • The Times, "Tragedy also comes to the working classes." April 30, 1990, by Jeremy Kingston.
    "Until the last scene defeats everyone, Malcom Edwards draws fine, realistic performances from the women, from Robert Bownman (sharp, finger-flicking rotter), and from Alexis Denisof as the neat, considerate, fresh-cheeked chap Klara should have married." (complete text)

  • Daily Telegraph, April 30, 1990, by Charles Spencer.
    "It would take acting of genius to redeem this inelegantly translated exercise in mordibity and it fails to get it here, though Robert Bowman and Alexis Denisof have a brave shot in their roles as Klara's lovers." (complete text)

  • The Guardian, "Maria Magdalena - The Gate." May 1, 1990, by Nicholas de Jongh.
    "But the actors, even though they seem too middle class, admirably avoid those terminal histrionics which Hebbel invites. Robert Jezek sounds and looks too well-heeled to be a joiner, but Alexis Denisof, as Klara's conscience-struck true love, contributes notes of authentic grief." (complete text)

  • Independent, May 1, 1990, by Georgina Brown. (text)
  • Financial Times, May 1, 1990, by Alastair Macaulay. (text)
  • Time Out, May 2, 1990, by James Christopher. (text)
  • What's On, May 2, 1990, by Graham Hassell. (text)
  • Independent on Sunday, May 6, 1990, by Irving Wardle. (text)
  • City Limits, May 10, 1990, by Tim Robinson. (text).

    Other Sources

  • Tovarich programme book, Denisof bio.

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    Robert Jezek and Laura Eddy
    Robert Jezek and Laura Eddy

    Photos: Laurence Burns