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Ceefax (UK), February 10, 2001.

Murderous new role from Buffy star Head

You could not get two more different characters than the ones, Anthony Head plays in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the latest Silent Witness mystery.

But one thing links Buffy's mentor Rupert Giles and his new unsympathetic role. Both enjoy the company of young women - though in very different ways.

"He just fancies teenage girls" says the actor as he describes Henry Hutton, his character in "Two Below Zero".

"When a series of girls end up being killed, he becomes the prime suspect."

Rare villainous role for Buffy boffin

Having played librarian Rupert Giles in teen screen hit, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Anthony Head was keen to get his teeth into a more villainous role.

"It's been a great area to explore as an actor, because I didn't want him to come across as being just evil." Head says of his Silent Witness character.

"I don't want people to see him as black and white in any way" he adds.

"I used to play a lot of baddies when I was younger, but I always used to try and make them interesting."

Gold Blend actor heads for Witness

Taking a new role in the new Silent Witness two-parter meant a rare return to the UK for Anthony Head, who first made his name in the Gold Blend coffee adverts.

But while the commercials made him and Sharon Maugham household names, screen roles began to dry up in Britain.

"I was box office, I could put bums on seats in the theatre," he says wryly. "But TV roles just weren't happening."

So the 47 year old actor decided to go somewhere else. "That's when I decided to try my lot in the States" he says.

No overnight success for Silent's Head

Moving to America after making his name in the Gold Blend coffee ads did not mean instant success for Anthony Head, who stars in the latest Silent Witness.

But he has his partner Sarah to thank for snapping him out of the doldrums.

"I was sitting over in the States, twiddling my thumbs, while she was back in England having to cope with work, our two daughers and the home."

"Frankly, she told me to stop moaning, get off my bottom and do something positive, like taking acting lessons."

Life on two continents for Slayer Head

Since landing the role of Rupert Giles in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Anthony Head has had to get used to dividing his time between California and the UK.

"I work long hours and I'm away from home for periods of time" he explains.

"But the family comes out to America for months at a time and when I'm home I can spend a lot of time with them."

It was during one recent trip to these shores that he took a rare bad boy role in the latest two-part Silent Witness mystery, alongside Amanda Burton.


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