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UK drama series, BBC. Episode: "Two Below Zero," February 12 and 13, 2001. Written by Tom Needham.

Cast (partial): Amanda Burton (Sam Ryan), Sean Chapman (DCI Ian Norton), Antony Head (Henry Sutton), Mel Martin, Stephen Moore, Marian McLoughlan (Mrs. Townsend), Stephen Merchant (Richard Graham).

Storyline: "10pm bbc1 Silent Witness. The fact that this crime thriller is in its fifth series is testament enough to its deserved popularity. It's an expensive-looking drama starring one of TV's most likeable actresses, Amanda Burton. In the first episode of this Tom Needham two-parter - entitled Two Below Zero - we are taken to a Norway skiing resort where the bodies of two British girls are found buried on the skiing slopes, but they were buried 15 years apart. As the evidence unfolds, it is clear that the deaths are linked and that one murderer links them. Anthony Head takes a break from Buffy to co-star. Concludes tomorrow. (The Express, February 12, 2001).

Preview and Reviews

  • Birmingham Post, Television choice Monday." February 12, 2001.
  • The Guardian, TV review." February 14, 2001, by Nancy Banks-Smith.
  • Daily Mail, "Case of mind over matter." February 14, 2001, by Peter Paterson.
  • Evening Times (Glasgow), "Witness Amanda chills out." February 16, 2001, by Brian Beacom.
  • The Observer, "Young, free and er, simple?" February 18, 2001, by Kathryn Flett.

    Related Press

  • Bath Chronicle, "A dark new role for star of famous coffee ad." February 8, 2001, by Olivia Conley.
  • Evening Times, "Buffy's mentor turns to crime." February 8, 2001, by Brian Beacom.
  • The Mirror, "Head hunted." February 10, 2001, by Neil Bonner.
  • Ceefax, "Murderous new role from Buffy star Head." February 10, 2001.
  • Teletext, "Buffy Anthony in a shock new role." February 10, 2001.
  • The Sun, "Don't tell Buffy." February 10, 2001, by Phil Tusler.
  • Evening Chronicle, "Role offers new blend." February 12, 2001.


  • Koala-T Flix has several video clips.
  • British TV listing, at Becky Dorrie's site.


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