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Television series, 1997-, BBC "The Wrestler's Tomb" (season 1, episode 1), 5/10/97. Played Adam Klaus, a magician.


  • Daily Telegraph, "And for my next trick..." May 6, 1997, by James Delingpole. (text).
    "...what promises to be an enduring comic double-act. (Better still is Nescafe-ad smoothie Anthony Head as Creek's egotistical magician boss.)"

  • The Times, "Degradation, death, destruction: such fun" May 12, 1997, by Matthew Bond. (complete text).
    "With two comedians in the central roles, the producers wisely packed the cast with established character actors: [Colin] Baker..., Sheila Gish as his magnificently fearsome wife and Anthony Head as a lascivious, bosom-fondling magician."

  • Evening Standard, "Case of lost paddle." May 12, 1997, by Matthew Norman. (complete text).
    "...some nice cameos, notably from Anthony Head as the illusionist...."

  • Daily Mail, "I detect some magic." May 12, 1997, by Peter Paterson. (complete text).
    "Director Marcus Mortimer concentrated ruthlessly on his two leading players, reducing everyone else, including the excellent Sheila Gish, as the artist's widow, and Anthony Head (of Gold Blend ad fame) as the magician, to mere ciphers."

  • Evening Standard, May 16, 1997, by Jaci Stephen.
    "[...] JONATHAN CREEK is BBC1's sensational new drama starring Caroline Quentin and Alan Davies. Brilliantly cast and with a beautifully witty and understated script from David Renwick, it is a joy to have something decent to watch on a Saturday night.

    "I loved it all: Davies' warmth and gentleness, Quentin's exquisite comic timing, the mystery, the magic, Tony Head finally breaking free of the Gold Blend commercial that made him famous. All great detective drama is based on great pairings - The Sweeney, Inspector Morse, Cagney and Lacey - and Jonathan Creek and 'investigative' journalist Maddy Magellan (Guy Foster could learn a lot from her) are up there with the best of them.

    "Commissioning the series (and a second before transmission of the first) will go down as the BBC's Michael Jackson's last great act before he defected to Channel 4."


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    Adam Klaus (Anthony Head) on stage
    Adam Klaus on stage
    Adam in bathrobe
    Francesca, Maddy Magellan (Caroline Quentin), Jonathan Creek (Alan Davies), ?, Adam, Mrs. Shale (Sheila Gish)

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