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The Mirror, newspaper (UK). February 10, 2001.

Head hunted by Neil Bonner

Buffy star Anthony Head has returned from huge success in the U.S. to star in a new Silent Witness story.

There are many great mysteries in life, but for handsome actor Anthony Head one stands out above all others: At what age can you officially be classified as a dirty old man?

The question came back to haunt the former star of the Gold Blend ads while filming "Two Below Zero," this week's two-part Silent Witness story, which is his first work for British television for four years. In it, the 45-year-old - best known these days for his co-starring role in the hit American series Buffy The Vampire Slayer - plays a suspected murderer who, when in his twenties, had an affair with a 13 -year-old girl.

"He still has an eye for young girls," Anthony explains. "So when the bodies of two teenagers are discovered, he finds himself in the frame for their murders. He's an interesting character to play because he has no scruples or morals whatsoever.

"Someone once asked me when I thought it was no longer acceptable for a man to look admiringly at a young woman. The question has haunted me ever since and I have no idea of the answer. I'm sure it's something that a lot of men think about at some stage in their lives."

Not that he loses any sleep over it. The only young girls Anthony is concerned about are his daughters Emily, 11, and nine-year-old Daisy. These days, he sees precious little of them, or their mum, his long-time girlfriend Sarah Fisher, an animal behaviourist. At least eight months of each year are spent filming Buffy in Los Angeles while his family stays behind at their home near Bath.

"I get a few days off every five weeks so I come back to see them," he says. "We talk all the time on the phone and the bills are astronomical. I often wonder if it's fair to ask Sarah to be a single mother for most of the year for the sake of my career, but she is a remarkable lady. She knows this is an opportunity I could not pass up and that I won't be doing it forever."

He owes his American stardom to those TV ads for Gold Blend in the 1980s, which also went out in the States where the coffee is called Taster's Choice. When the ads ended, Anthony struggled to find work and, after lengthy discussions with Sarah, moved to the US. First he won a part in the sci-fi series VR5, but it was Buffy which turned out to be the big one. In it he plays English librarian Rupert Giles, opposite Sarah Michelle Gellar.

"It's been a phenomenal success, not just in America but in other places around the world," says Anthony. "It's a No 1 show in Australia, for instance, so I would love to work there at some point."

He is thrilled at the way things have turned out and is delighted to be able to resume his career at home in England in Silent Witness.

"I can see Buffy continuing for another couple of years, but I am keen to work on both sides of the Atlantic," he says. "Working on Silent Witness was the perfect job for me because I was able to commute to the set in Hertfordshire every day.

"My biggest thrill in life is heading back home when I've been in America. When I'm driving from the airport and reach my turn-off on the M4, I know I'm nearly there - back with those who mean the most to me."

Silent Witness, Monday, BBC1, 9.30pm.

- Home and away: Anthony leaves his family for eight months of the year.
- Slaying 'em: In Buffy and (left) in the famous Gold Blend ad.


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