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Movie (UK), 1990. Written and directed by Nick Ward.

Characters (Cast):
(Source: "Dakota Road," by Nick Ward (1991))

  • Jacob (Alexis Denisof), an American fighter pilot, stationed in Mildenhall in East Anglia. Aged twenty-eight.
  • Bernard Cross (Matthew Scurfield), a Fenland labourer. Early forties.
  • Raif Benson (Jason Carter), a railway signalman on the line between Ely and Mildenhall. Early twenties. A Fenman. An orphan. He is physically awkward and inarticulate. Lives with his adoptive grandmother.
  • Joan Benson (Liz Smith), Raif's adoptive grandmother. Runs a corner shop and plays the organ in church. Late sixties. A Fenwoman.
  • Jen Cross (Charlotte Chatton), Bernard's daughter. Aged fifteen.
  • Amy Cross (Rachel Scott), Jen's younger sister. Aged eleven.
  • Maud Cross (Amelda Brown), married to Bernard. Aged thirty-five. A Fenwoman.
  • Alan Brandon (Alan Howard), farmer and landowner. Aged in his fifties.
  • Douglas Stonea (David Warrilow), a vicar. Age: forties.
  • Man on the train (David Bamber).

    Storyline: "Charlotte Chatton plays a farm labourer's abused daughter who fantasises about the officers of the local United States Air Base to escape the guilt and hypocrisy of everyday life. But her dreams of glamour and excitement are shattered when she is seduced by a pilot, setting in motion a traffic chain of events. Sensitive drama, co-starring Alexis Denisof and Jason Carter." (TV listing, Press Association Newsfile, January 11, 1994).

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  • Bentley's Bedlam: Untitled Gallery.

    Other Sources

  • Dakota Road, book by Nick Ward. Faber and Faber, 1991.

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    Jacob (Alexis Denisof)
    Jacob (Alexis Denisof)

    Jen and Raif (Charlotte Chatton, Jason Carter)
    Jen and Raif (Charlotte Chatton, Jason Carter)

    Photos: Olly Hoeben

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