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Teletext (UK), February 10, 2001.

Buffy Anthony in shock new role

From playing the mentor of a teenage girl in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, actor Anthony Head is turning predator.

Anthony, 46, from Camden, North London, stars in the latest episode of BBC crime drama Silent Witness with Amanda Burton. Giles in Buffy will be shocked. He plays a man infatuated with teenage girls who becomes prime suspect in a series of chilling murders.

"He's an ex-military type who becomes infatuated with them", says Anthony of his Henry Hutton role in a Silent Witness two-parter beginning on Monday on BBC1.

"He's not a paedophile for which there can be no sympathy and no excuse. He just fancies teenage girls."

He said "I wanted to explore the scenario of when it is all right for an older man to like younger girls. When does it become too much - when does it become unacceptable?"

"When some girls end up killed he becomes prime suspect. It's been great to explore as an actor as I didn't want him to be pure evil".

He's best known in America for good-guy Giles in Buffy, but Brit actor Anthony Head has a history of dastardly roles.

"I used to play a lot of baddies when I was younger, but I always used to try and make the interesting otherwise people turn off very quickly," muses the actor.

Head previously starred in IRA movies A Prayer for the Dying and on stage he once performed in The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Actor Anthony Head will never be allowed to forget the coffee ads.

With Sharon Maughan as his co-star, the cheesy ads about a blossoming relationship between a pair of yuppie neighbours becamse a cult.

"There's no doubt they enriched my life," laughs Anthony looking back on the 1990-7 campaign. "It gave me a salary for 6 years. What actor gets that? I was able to do theatre tours and provide for my family."

It was in the mid-90's that Camden, London-born actor Anthony Head decided to take his chances in the US.

He took the lead role in sci-fi series VR.5, but that was pulled after only a handful of episodes.

Then came Buffy. "The first time I read it I was sitting in a restaurant and started laughing out loud. They handed me a contract before the audition and it turned out to be for 7 years. But it's been fun."

As part of hit US show Buffy, Anthony Head's future lies in the US - but his heart remains in England.

Head spends 8 months of the year in California and the rest of it with his familiy at their country home near Bath in Somerset.

He is married to aromatherapist Sarah and they have 2 daughters, Emily 11, and Daisy 9. "I work long hours and I'm away from home a lot, but we work hard to be close," he says.


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