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E! Entertainment TV movie, March 19, 2000. Based on John Kane's book. Directed by Harvey Frost.

"Vancouver film pokes fun at Oscar race: Cast and crew members of E! Entertainment Television's Best Actress have been enjoying September sunshine while filming on location at Vancouver's Spanish Banks. The TV movie, starring Thomas Calabro (Melrose Place), Loretta Devine (Waiting to Exhale) and Anthony S. Head (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) is a wry comedy about the race for the Best Actress Oscar. The story features one such actress who would literally kill to win the award. The producers say the film will feature some cameo appearances by Hollywood celebrities and power players. The producers say the film will feature some cameo appearances by Hollywood celebrities and power players. Vancouver production is expected to continue through October 6." (Discover Vancouver, September 16, 1999.)

"Anthony Head ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer") will co-star as the classically trained actor and husband of an actress to be played by Rachel Hunter." (E! Entertainment, September 9, 1999.)

Cast: Loretta Devine (Connie Travers), Thomas Calabro (Ted Gavin), Anthony Head (Colin Tromans), Rachel Hunter (Fiona Covington), Jamie Pressly (Karen Kroll), Cathy Moriarty, Alicia Donovan (Lori Seefer), Jordan Ladd (Amber Lyons), Maria Conchita Alonso (Maria).

Behind the Scenes, March 18, 2000, E! Entertainment (TV). About the movie, Best Actress.

Reviews and Other Press:

  • Assorted clippings
  • The Times Union, "'Best Actress' an E! first." March 18, 2000, by Ellen Gray. Review. (text).
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  • Daily Variety, "'Actress' On Best Behavior At Bow." March 20, 2000, by Susanne Ault. Article about the premiere party. (text).
  • Daily Variety, "Review: Best Actress." March 20, 2000, by Ramin Zahed. (text).




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